Image by Sunira Moses
Prayer for October

A Prayer of Gratitude

 Prayer is the power that can change all things in your life. If you are unhappy, prayer can lift you into a new lightness of heart. In this precious time of prayer, we lift our hearts to God. As we breathe more deeply and relax into the stillness, we let go of any troubling thoughts. We turn to you God with our hearts uplifted and our minds united. In your sacred presence, dear God, I lift up my heart to you. Divine love flows through me now to bless the world. 

No thing can disturb the Peace. Peace is my constant companion, calming my fears, helping me easily to accomplish all that is before me. I lift my heart to you and rest now, serene and secure in your sweet peace. Now in these quiet moments, I join my heart with all praying hearts as we lift up our souls to you, our one true guide. You have a place within each of us. We seek your council to follow the path of wisdom. We trust you to revitalize every cell and tissue- restoring our wholeness. 

As we pray, we visualize all people as healthy, vital, strong, energetically, and joyously greeting each day. We thank you for the healing that has already begun as we nurture a spirit of thankfulness in our hearts. We embrace your glory and see your abundance in every aspect of our world. Inspired by your magnificence, we open our minds to your ideas that lead to prosperity. We are open to the essence of your abundance and loving relationships. We welcome financial blessings and successful outcomes to help us to live more fuller meaningful lives. We lift our innermost selves to you, Holy Spirit. Your love flows from heart to heart in an everlasting blessing for us and for our world. With joy in our heart, we give thanks!

Loving Blessings,

Rev Joan Espeut

Image by Sunira Moses