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Weekly Classes

Master “Joan” Zhou, Xiao-Ying of forty years experience has inspired hundreds of students with her powerful yet easy to follow teachings. She teaches traditional Yang Style TaiJi movements with other defined styles and combinations as an exercise for improving health and reducing stress.

Unity Center of Flushing proudly presents Master “Joan” to teach her mastery of TaiJi. 

Master Zhou has won International Gold, Silver, Bronze and other competition honors in the USA and China; has performed at prestigious conferences, Homeland Security, NYC libraries, 

Cultural Festivals, YMCA in Queens and Public School events. In annual TaiJi tournaments, her students have won Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Master Zhou is certified by the Peoples Republic of China, Ningbo Wushu Association and the Duanwei Chinese Wushu Association as Wushu Judge and Martial Arts Instructor of Quan/Fist, Sword, QiGong, Yang Shang Exercise, Cane, Fan in Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun Styles.

 Classes are available now and intended for students who wish to compete in annual TaiJi/TaiChi tournaments. So reserve your place today! Advanced registration is strongly suggested.
Thursdays Basic & Advanced Class 
(Basic TaiJi - 16-24 Movements) - 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
(Advanced TaiJi - 40 Movements and Breathing Technique) - 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM 
*Please email nytaiji@yahoo.com for class schedules*
$60 for two months Basic/ $60 for two months Advanced
$90 two months Basic and Advanced **Full payment due 1st day of class**

For more information on classes or come to see a class for free, 
please email Master Joan at nytaiji@yahoo.com