Minister's Letter


A Mothers day blessing.

      This is the time of year we celebrate Mother's Day. On May 9th most of us will honor our mothers, grandmothers, and people who have been a mother figure in our lives; and rightfully so. They’re the ones who nurture us, love us, and pick us up when we’re at our wit’s end. Mothers believe in their children even when their children have lost belief in themselves and their abilities. Mothers are a source of strength; they show unconditional love like no other. They let us know when we are off-balance with firm discipline. Being a mother myself, I can say it is by far the hardest job that never finishes. For mothers having trying experiences with their children, “I say for he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all his ways,” ( Psalm 91:11). So with God’s love, strength, and wisdom I send a mother’s day blessing.

      While we are celebrating mothers, let us not forget two very important mothers that support and give us exactly what we need: Mother Earth and Mother Nature. They have provided and protected us from generation to generation. So for the month of May, let us honor and appreciate these mothers. Think about what you value. Consider who and what in your life is important. Start each day with the intention to be aware of what has value for you and what you appreciate. Through your day become aware of the small blessings and silently say, thank you! When the opportunity presents itself, say this aloud to someone. Meditate each day with gratitude for the innate goodness of life in its many forms. Always be aware of new ways to appreciate yourself. 

"Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” - Proverbs: 31-31 

A Happy and Blessed Mother's Day,

Rev Joan Espeut

Chips From the Board


Dear Friends at Unity,

     I am blessed to have a small garden in front of the Co-op building where I live. There are three other apartments that border this small patch of earth and no one is interested in gardening. I have cared for, planted, weeded, pruned, and loved this little garden. Our church is somewhat like this garden. We care for it, cherish it, contribute financially to it, bask in the love of community in it and receive our spiritual upliftment from it. Needless to say, it is important to all of us.

      If you attended last Sunday’s service, you became aware that we are fortunate to have rented our basement to another church. They will provide the MUCH NEEDED financial assistance that is critical for our church. Their service is also held at 11:00 am. Last Sunday they invited our congregation to attend their social hour after service. We were met by very friendly and giving people. I for one, look forward to greeting them on Sundays outside our building. We are still looking to rent out our sanctuary during the week. Yoga classes, self-help groups, dance classes, Drum Circles, etc. are some examples. If you know of any group wishing to find rental space, please inform Reverend Joan.

       This Sunday we will celebrate MOTHER’S DAY. Our mothers have giving us unconditional nurturing love. Whether they are in heaven or still in the physical form, this day is a wonderful opportunity to shower them with thoughts of gratitude and appreciation. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

With Loving Thoughts,

Christine Bergen

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  May Birthdays



May 7th 

Lorna Ainds

Prayer of the Month


United in faith, we now open our hearts to the presence of God as we pray:

     Dear God, I see your handy work in the smiles of my friends, in the closeness of my family, and in the orderly flow of life. Thank you, God, for giving me life and for surrounding me with strong, loving, faith-filled women who have nurtured me along my way. So blessed to have those whom I can nurture and be nurtured by. Through your love, I have the wisdom to know how best to help them and the compassion to understand how they feel and what they truly desire.

       God, I thank you for your love that is expressed as health, guidance, and understanding within my friends and loved ones. I relish the simple everyday pleasure of interacting with these people who are so important to me. I am grateful for the special moments we share that give depth and meaning to my life. Thank you, God, for your presence in the relationship with family and friends. Thank you for your light and love that guides each one to know how to live joyously. I pray for those who are left with empty seats at the table, lonely beds, and for families around the globe who are missing loved ones. I pray, God, that you bring them comfort, healing, and the knowledge that they are never alone. I leave them in your loving arms.

      Thank you, God, for the wisdom to know when to draw loved ones close and give them words of comfort. Thank you, too, for the wisdom to allow them to find their own way and learn through their experiences. I recognize you have a divine plan for each of us. We give thanks for all the wonderful people who share our lives. Amen.

Loving Blessings,

Rev. Joan H. Espeut