Minister's Letter


Dear Beloved,
       Independence, I wonder what this means for some.  Sometimes in our lives, we feel a need to be independent; children want to be independent from their parents, loners want to be independent from society. There are many things that keep us feeling shackled that we wish to be independent from. 
       According to the dictionary,  independence means: being in a state not influenced or controlled in any way by other people, events, or things. So is it possible to be independent, to be truly free?  "For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh but through love serve one another" Galatians 5:13. 
          With freedom and independence comes the responsibility to choose wisely. To some,  freedom and independence means the right to express the ego -out of tune with Divine flow. I suggest that we examine what independence means to each of us as individuals. If we are all connected, can we in truth be independent?  Wishing you blessings on July 4th and all summer long!


Loving blessings,

Rev Joan Espeut

Chips From the Board


Hello friends, 

Happy Summer! Hope you are well and able to resume some of your favorite activities… To cut costs the Center has switched to free online phone service via Google. Our new number is 347-494-0427. Voicemail will be received through

          We are seeking additional volunteers to open Sunday Service with a prayer reading. If you are interested, speak with Rev. Joan… Our outdoor sign was recently refurbished and looking good until a strong storm blew open and tore apart the glass door. Repairs are needed that will bolster resilience to the elements…

        At our Annual Membership Meeting in March the Board deferred discussion of the 2021 Budget. The 2021 Budget, based on the 2019 Financial Report, will be presented on Sunday, July 11, 12:30 PM… We will BBQ together with Tae-Min Church members in the backyard following 7/4 services. Potluck donations are welcome; volunteer servers are needed…

          Please be mindful of our need to pay bills over the summer months when more of us are away. We greatly appreciate your continued support…

Stay safe. Stay strong. Peace and Love,

 Richard Mansfield, President/Secretary

Image by Stephanie McCabe

             July Birthdays



July 4th 1776

​United States of America 

Prayer of the Month


        Lasting freedom of the mind, body, and emotions comes when you are charged at the soul level. As you turn to God in prayer, you can trust God to strengthen you, bring you courage, and comfort you. Release the habitual ways of thinking and acting that no longer support your best interest.  In the stillness, let your soul be touched and changed by the presence of God always within you. 
Dear God,

       In your presence I find precious moments of rest and renewal. These moments apart from the world allow me to replenish my spiritual strength. This time of communion with you, refreshes my strength of inner freedom. My commitment to allow your presence is expressed in everything I say and do.  In your presence, I remember that I am a spiritual creation. I am free in then this moment to choose new ways of being, thinking and expression. You are the key to my freedom.
          In your presence dear God,  I see others in a new light. I choose to see the world in a new light. I choose to act in ways that foster mutual support, love, compassion, and care. I can be honest about who I am and accept others for who they are. In your presence, we are free in spirit to do things that seem impossible. We hold within our soul the freedom of oneness with you.
Thank you, God, for the freedom that comes through experiencing Your loving presence. And so be it.

Loving Blessings,

Rev. Joan H. Espeut