Minister's Letter


Wishing you a joyous spring!

     The spring is taking place in you now. No matter what has occurred before - this is a new day. Easter time reminds me that we are celebrating a resurrection. The Jewish faith observes Passover, this brings to mind the passing over from darkness to light. Spring signifies a resurrection- the passage from dark to light. A time where the Earth bursts to life after the cold, dark winter when all life was still. 

      Just as the resurrection takes place in Jesus, we also have a resurrection of new ideas and the Christ within. The Passover is a reminder that we have managed to survive in a global pandemic. Next comes glorious spring with its morning rain, daffodils, tulips, and sunshine.  It reminds us all that after the crosses there is a resurrection. This season is one for a little reflection, to look where we are now after all the passing over we had. Know that joy belongs to you, whether you know it or not. It is yours now to use and to bring into expression. 

To everything, there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven. Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)


Loving blessings,

Rev Joan Espeut

Chips From the Board


Happy Spring!

Hope you are energized by the sensations around you of renewing, unfolding life.
… We are happy to have found a contractor willing to just patch the hole in our roof, rather than lay down a whole, new roof… After more than a year of sporadic communication with NYC Dep’t of Finance the Center has regained nonprofit status… Now we are trying to claw back the real estate taxes we paid while our nonprofit status was in dispute… And in a related matter we are trying to pay down the credit card balance borrowed to pay those real estate taxes...

       On March 7 the Center streamed over Google Meet its first online Sunday Service... On Sunday, March 21 the Center held its Annual Meeting: Robert Baer and Richard Mansfield were elected to first terms; Christine Bergen was re-elected to a second term. We also examined the 2019 and 2020 Financial Reports and pondered the 2021 Budget with the help of Treasurer Christine Bergen and Office Manager Janaile Spence. We put out ideas to increase membership and revenue and brainstorm visions for the future. We appreciate whatever you can do to help us keep moving forward in these challenging times… Stay safe, stay well. Hope to see you soon, on the scene, or on the screen.

   - Richard Mansfield,


Image by Georgia de Lotz

  April Birthdays


April 12th 

Julie Patti

Prayer of the Month

       One of our greatest blessings is the ability to take time and turn to God in prayer. Centered in the silence of spirit we are open and receptive to our good. Each day provides a new opportunity to experience God in all beings. Just as spring is a time for renewal in nature, each day is an opportunity for spiritual renewal as we dwell in awareness of God’s presence.  Let us quiet our thoughts and enter into the silence, our secret sanctuary of peace. Enter into oneness with God. 

         Dear God, we feel your presence permeating our beings, we are calm and relaxed. We see your guiding hands in every aspect of nature. With our mind’s eye we see life, health, love, and unity. We see buds and flowers blooming. In your presence, dear God, we gain clarity of mind and purpose. We follow your guiding light; we are divinely led. As we reflect on our true identity as your children, our true essence is divine and Divine life flows through our entire being. We relax and feel life surging through us as we rest in your presence. Springtime also allows us to see the way in which you provide abundantly for all creation. We thank you, dear God, as we pray in this sacred time of prayer. In our renewed awareness of this presence of God, we express our love and gratitude.  

A blessed and holy Easter,

Rev. Joan H. Espeut



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